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Exercises done on the floor with Pilates apparatus used such as stability balls, rings, therabands and foam rollers, involving all Pilates fundamental movements practised with control, concentration, precision and flow.
We emphasise core stabilization, essential to form the basis of your strength, giving you
support to the joints as well as your back care. You will learn how to integrate breathing, centering, mental focus and precise movement into free flowing exercise. Mat forms the building blocks and foundations of Pilates work.



A step further from Mat and more fitness based, the Allegro Reformer Beds, which to some might resemble a torture apparatus. Looking like a single bed frame with a sliding carriage and adjustable springs to regulate tension and resistance, cables, bars, straps and pulleys allow exercises from a variety of positions, even standing.
Reformer will help you establish increased abdominal stability and postural alignment by working the limbs through an effective range of motion using a progressively higher resistance. Muscles lengthen and strengthen through reformer work, rather than build bulk.



Infusing dynamic, energetic cardio elements using reformer jump boards, with resistance based reformer repertoire, this cardio reformer class will take your workout to a whole new fat burning level!
Jump like a kid again in this fun and energizing group reformer class! The Jump Board is a padded plate that replaces the foot bar on the reformer and provides an excellent non weight bearing method to increase heart rate and burn some serious calories. The Jump Board workout is a great alternative to running as it is much easier on the joints. There is no jarring of the knees while jumping because you are suspended horizontally with spring resistance rather than gravity. It is a fun and entertaining way to incorporate cardiovascular exercise into Pilates.



The sliding discs allows for smooth, fluid, graceful movements, working multiple muscle groups while engaging core stabilisation throughout the range of motion.
Combining Barre, Pilates, general fitness and various themes of dance music each week, come slide, shimmy and sashay your way to a full-body workout using the sliding discs. Most of the class we stand using discs with hand weights. You might even sing along to some disco tunes and have fun! Disco is back, see for yourself.
You might even get addicted to Disc-o, it is  a fave with many, as its a unique style of class layout!




A dynamic fusion of ballet, Pilates and Fitness providing an all over body workout with special attention for the legs, butt, thighs and arms. You will use the barre, balls and bands to get you moving to some fun high energy music. Cardio intervals included to get your heart rate up. Barre Attack will help improve your posture, balance and flexibility. It does not require any Ballet or Pilates experience, just a fun attitude and a willingness to work hard. Results are guaranteed at 2-3 classes a week. Experience what all the celebrities are doing and love the results!

Teen Barre-62


Booked by the Term.
Teen Barre Classes will help teen’s get to know how their bodies work and also perfect functional training.
In a fun and cardio energetic environment, we’ll help your children master the basics of movement, posture, core, coordination and functional strength, learning body control and awareness that they can take with them into the rest of their lives, whilst making new friends and improving their confidence levels.
Teen Barre Classes are suitable to any boy or girl aged 11 through 15, they do not need to have any dance or Pilates experience and everyone is welcome. It’s perfect for teens as it is a safe and dynamic fusion of Pilates, ballet and functional fitness. Classes run for 50 minutes, to tempo music and our instructors are highly trained and experienced Barre and Pilates experts.
Bookings are essential and you can join in (prorata) after term has already started, if spots are available.
See you at the barre!



We offer one-on-one and semiprivate training and small group classes. We have programs for sports specific conditioning, general health & fitness and pre & post-natal. Pilates can be adapted to any age or fitness level. It is gentle enough for rehabilitation, yet challenging enough for the strongest of athletes.
A private session will give you a real understanding of the principles and foundations of Pilates. Great for those with no background in pilates, a total newbie or someone restarting there Pilates regime after a break. At Energize Pilates we have introduced hundreds of people to Pilates. Pre bookings are essential.



A mother and baby Pilates class designed to enhance the natural bond between you and your baby, whilst bringing strength, tone and flexibility to your postnatal body. The aim is for you to become stronger and healthier, physically, mentally and emotionally. Pilates will strengthen your pelvic floor and abdominals, tone your entire body, stretch out those achey tight spots from carrying, lifting, feeding and changing your baby and give you a sense of well being and confidence.
You can pop your bub in a pram, on a rug or on a mat and it’s a great chance to meet other mums and the bubs love it!



Yin Yoga is a slow paced style of yoga with poses, or asanas that are held for longer periods of time. Yin Yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues the tendons, fascia and ligaments, with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. It generally targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. A more meditative approach to yoga, yin aims at cultivating awareness of one’s inner silence.
Suitable for almost all levels of students, Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat, and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles.

‘In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 you’ll have a whole new body.’ (Joseph H. Pilates)



We use MindBody Online software to manage Energize Pilates. MindBody software allows you, our client, to schedule our client to schedule sessions, cancel sessions and manage your account all from the privacy of your home computer or phone.

For your first time using Mind Body, please follow these steps:

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  • For class descriptions click on the class name. Click the BOOK button to book your class.
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  • Purchase your payment option. If you already have credits the system will recognise this.
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Make booking super easy by downloading the free Energize App for iOS iphone only.You can use your existing profile to login to the App.


Our scheduling system allows you to book 14 days in advance. This means each day, bookings open for the date 14 days hence.
Classes can fill so bookings are highly recommended.
If the class is full, we recommend you waitlist as there are usually a few cancellations, up to 4 hours prior to class. When you’re waitlisted, if a place opens up in class you’ll receive a email.


Most people choose to begin with a 2 week Trial Membership because it is such an easy way to start. You’ll experience all the benefits of your chosen membership type at about half the cost. Click on the button on the top right of the page to find out more.


When you purchase a Energize membership or package during your intro period it will include:

  • No lock in contract (4 week minimum term)
  • No joining fee or no cancellation fee
  • Freeze up to 8 weeks/year for free (minimum 2 weeks)


Stretchy fitted clothes that are comfortable, cool and allow you to move freely are best. Baggy is a problem in Pilates as well as yoga classes because it can be too revealing, and because an instructor must be able to see your alignment and muscle use.
Pilates and Yoga are done barefoot or with gripsocks which we highly recommend, especially for private sessions or Barre Attack.
Water bottle and/or small towel are highly recommended.
Please make sure your phone is off, whilst in class!
We’d love to show you around the studio if there’s time, and we’ll need a minute to check over your medical history form. You’ll enjoy class all the more for feeling unhurried.
All group classes start promptly. For the safety and enjoyment of all participants you cannot enter class more than 5 minutes after the start time.


Nope. We’ve got you covered. Just bring yourself!


Our accountant tells us that you should do classes every day, but 2-3 times a week should keep you in tip top shape. It’s good to mix up the various classes on oer.There is a significant risk that you will become addicted to these classes. Unlike cigarettes and donuts, though, this addiction is perfectly healthy. So, if you want to come more often, we’ll be happy to see you.


Reformer– The Pilates reformer is the most popular piece of Pilates equipment. It is a flat bed that slides back and forth, and the resistance can be changed by using more springs or fewer springs. There are many makes of the equipment now ranging form super classical models that follow the original blueprint from Joseph Pilates, to super modern versions, with modifications for physical therapy and new exercises. The largest producers of Pilates equipment are: Balanced Body which we have in the studio.
Cadillac– The cadillac is a long table with springs attached to either side, and bars that attach to the springs. Many therapeutic exercises are performed on this piece of equipment.
Chair– The chair is a small versatile piece of equipment preferred by many gyms or for home use.
Barrel– This equipment is primarily used for stretching, although there are great ab exercises here like all the other equipment!


Excellent posture is something we all desire, everyone’s mother chided them about it, and it seems illusive in modern office culture. But, there is hope. Pilates is designed to strengthen, stretch and align. First you will strengthen the abdominals and muscles around the spine, giving your spine the support it has been craving. Then you will stretch the shoulders, chest and upper back, opening the shoulders that so often roll forward, finding space through the chest, and mobilizing the often frozen thoracic spine. Last, teaching your body to stand in a healthy alignment using your new mobility and strength to feel supported in great posture.


Yoga is a spiritually based movement practice that uses breathing, meditation, chanting, stretching and careful control of the body by focusing the mind to achieve enlightenment. There are many different types of yoga, the most popular types of yoga use the technique of moving slowly into a pose and holding the pose while taking slow deep breathes in order to achieve a quieting of the mind.
Pilates is a secular movement practice (meaning it has no religious alliation) and uses breathing, stretching and careful control of the body by focusing the mind. Pilates focuses on abdominal strengthening and functional use of the muscles and joints.
There is a large focus on anatomy and learning how to feel and differentiate different muscles in order to achieve healthy and strong hip joints, shoulders and spine. Pilates uses the ideas of stability and mobility to teach practitioners how to keep themselves from being injured even when they are doing very complex actions (like ballet or kite surfing) and the focus is fitness.


Pronounced (Pi-la-tes) Pilates is an exercise technique that focuses on strengthening the trunk muscles and creating long strong muscles in the arms and legs. Pilates is an exercise methodology developed by Mr. Joseph Pilates and his wife Clara. The Method focuses on controlled movements, especially using the abdominals and coordinating the breath, for this reason he originally called his method “contrology”. Mr. Pilates ran his New York studio where he trained many dancers and others from approx. 1925 well into the 1960s until his death in 1967 at the age of 83.
Modern Pilates focuses on teaching people healthy biomechanics while using the traditional Pilates vocabulary of movements. The Pilates method is touted as a way to create longer leaner muscles, improve posture, strengthen the spine and reduce incidence of disc herniations and is a sure fire way to a great butt and toned arms.